IsoMemo: a Big isotopic Data initiative
User interfaces

An efficient isotope database requires that users are able to easily locate isotopic data of interest and that data transfer can be made almost effortlessly. To achieve these goals, we will implement user-friendly graphical interfaces. Two such interfaces are proposed for IsoMemo.

Simple user graphical interface

A simple user graphical interface has been implemented and contains example data from three different data tables. This interface offers the possibility of querying each separate table. Users wishing to consult data can do so by logging in (username: user, password: isomemo) here:  simple interface

Table managers are users with higher levels of permission. They control data quality and can add data and introduce new tables. Table managers can also perform changes to the structure of certain tables.

Data upload can be easily made by downloading the header fields from the Table section, populating the spreadsheet with data, and submitting this to the administrator  (

Advanced user graphical interface and website

The current website is provisional and was established to obtain the necessary feedback from users of the different isotope data communities. Once this feedback is completed a new website and an advanced graphical interface will be implemented. This advanced graphical interface will offer several new features, including hierarchical querying of the database, graphical display of sample locations, simple filtering of data, direct upload/download of data, and possibility of saving user queries, etc. For feedback purposes screenshots of the graphical design of the new website and advanced graphical interface plus texts describing website/interface behaviors are available here:  advanced interface (screenshots only)