IsoMemo: a Big isotopic Data initiative
Parternship model

IsoMemo IS NOT A DATABASE! IsoMemo is a partnership-based initiative that brings together a group of independent isotopic databases.  Rather than a hierarchical model, IsoMemo adopts a distributive model among equal partners from different research fields. This model provides flexibility since different scientific fields have specific needs (e.g. metadata requirements) that cannot be accommodated within a one size-fit-all approach of a single central repository of data. In this respect, IsoMemo functions as a network of data repositories directing users and producers of isotopic data to appropriate partners. Nonetheless, IsoMemo also promotes the definition of common data standards and data sharing among partners. Our initiative paves the way for carrying out interdisciplinary Big Data research projects. To aid with data sharing, IsoMemo is also developing Open Source search tools.

Distributive parternship model
Data collection