IsoMemo: a Big isotopic Data initiative
IsoMemo: a Big Data initiative bringing together isotopic data from archaeology, ecology, and environmental & life sciences

Note: The current website is temporary and was established for feedback purposes. A new IsoMemo website to be released in early 2022.

Isotopic tracers are used across a variety of research fields to provide a rich diversity of scientific information, but lack of centralized storage limits efficient data use.

IsoMemo is NOT a database. The IsoMemo initiative brings together independent repositories of isotopic data within the fields of archaeology, ecology, and environmental & life sciences. The goals of the initiative are to make isotopic data easily findable and accessible so that it can be easily reused for research purposes
. IsoMemo also promotes the creation of data standards and interoperability with other types.

Within IsoMemo each independent database self-manages and curates their data and defines metadata requirements. However, the initiative also promotes the creation of networks linking different databases.