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Big Isotopic Data

Bringing together data from archaeology, ecology and environmental & life sciences

Bringing data together

IsoMemo is not a database but an initiative that brings together independent repositories of isotopic data within the fields of archaeology, ecology, and environmental & life sciences.

About IsoMemo




Find, access and reuse data

The goal of the initiative is to make isotopic data easily findable and accessible so that it can be reused for research purposes. IsoMemo also promotes the creation of data standards and interoperability with other types.

Independent & self-managed

Within IsoMemo each independent database self-manages and curates their data and defines metadata requirements. The initiative also promotes the creation of networks linking different databases.



Define metadata requirements

Several institutions and research groups provide long-term support for IsoMemo (and Pandora). This includes funding and technical support via a large interdisciplinary team of isotope scientists, data scientists, and programmers.

Max Planck Computing and Data Facility
MP Digital Library
Muni Arts
University of Warsaw
Archaeologist Research Group